The Sports Minister of Nigeria, Senator John Enoh, said Nigeria is getting ready for the 2024 Olympics. He wants to make Nigerian sports better.

Enoh said his ministry will work hard to improve sports in Nigeria, to make it excellent and successful.

He expressed his displeasure that Nigeria was excluded on the list for the 2023 AFCON football competition, in officiating. He disclosed that he is working very hard to improve all that has to do with officiating, particularly Nigerian referees, so they can be part of not only African games but also international games in 2024.

He affirmed that Team Nigeria: the athletes and football teams are fully ready for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The athletes that made up the team have qualified, participated and won various trophies in international games recently; for example at the World Relays Championships in the Bahamas, Nigerians did very well.

The Minister promised to give Team Nigeria all the support to ensure they bag enough medals in Paris 2024.