The Registrar of the National Examinations Council (NECO), Professor Ibrahim Wushishi, has unveiled a groundbreaking development that could reshape the academic landscape for Nigerian students seeking admission to universities in the United Kingdom. Professor Wushishi revealed that two prestigious UK universities have expressed interest in leveraging NECO examinations as a criterion for admitting Nigerian students.

Speaking during an interactive session with journalists in Abuja, Professor Wushishi shed light on the significance of this milestone and the challenges associated with transitioning to Computer-Based Testing (CBT). He underscored NECO’s role as the largest examination body in Nigeria, conducting assessments for nearly 1.5 million students across 76 different subjects and over 150 papers annually for tertiary institution admissions.

The prospect of integrating CBT into NECO examinations presents a multifaceted challenge, especially considering the diverse nature of assessment formats employed by the council. Unlike standardized bodies like JAMB, which predominantly utilize multiple-choice formats, NECO’s examination spectrum encompasses a wide array of assessment methods, including essay-based evaluations. Professor Wushishi emphasized the need for meticulous planning and gradual implementation to navigate the complexities associated with transitioning to CBT.

As discussions surrounding the adoption of CBT gain momentum, Professor Wushishi emphasized the importance of meticulous planning and gradual implementation to navigate the complexities associated with transitioning to CBT. He highlighted the necessity of experts scrutinizing the intricacies of NECO’s examination structure to ensure a seamless transition while preserving the integrity and rigor of assessments.

Despite the inherent challenges, Professor Wushishi expressed optimism about the potential benefits of embracing CBT, particularly in streamlining assessment processes and enhancing efficiency. He emphasized the need for a strategic approach that place emphasis on areas conducive to CBT integration, such as the common entrance examination, which predominantly employs multiple-choice formats.

Professor Wushishi also addressed concerns regarding examination malpractice and leakages. He reassured stakeholders of NECO’s commitment to combatting malpractice through robust measures, including continuous sensitization programs, enhanced data protection protocols, and the deployment of sophisticated identity verification mechanisms to safeguard the integrity of examinations.

The Registrar’s revelations signify a significant milestone in Nigeria’s educational landscape, proving the country’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and enhancing global competitiveness. By forging partnerships with prestigious UK universities and embracing technological innovations, NECO aims to empower Nigerian students with greater opportunities for academic advancement and international recognition.

As NECO charts a course towards modernization and excellence, stakeholders remain poised to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by this transformative journey.