Dame Shirley Bassey, known for her iconic voice and glamorous style, is preparing to part ways with some of her most cherished possessions: her dazzling jewelry collection. The collection, valued at a staggering £2 million, boasts over 80 exquisite pieces, each with its own story to tell.

Among the treasures to be auctioned is a diamond ring gifted to Dame Shirley by none other than Sir Elton John himself. This ring holds sentimental value, symbolizing a friendship between two legends of the music world.

For Dame Shirley, the allure of jewelry goes beyond mere adornment; it’s a reflection of her life’s journey. From her humble beginnings in Cardiff’s Tiger Bay to international stardom, each piece holds memories and milestones. From her first string of pearls purchased as a budding singer to the elaborate diamond pieces she’s become synonymous with, her collection is a evident to her enduring love affair with luxury.

Another standout piece is a ruby and diamond heart parure discovered during a stopover in Bangkok en route to her first concert tour of Australia. Each item bears witness to Dame Shirley’s remarkable career and the relationships she’s cultivated along the way.

But perhaps the most poignant piece is an emerald parure, a self-purchase to commemorate her inaugural Royal Variety performance in the presence of the late Queen. These jewels are more than mere baubles; they are tangible reminders of a life lived to the fullest, marked by triumphs, friendships, and unforgettable moments on stage.

As these treasures find new homes, the proceeds from the auction will be directed to Dame Shirley’s chosen charities.