Arsenal Football Club has made waves in the world of football fashion with the announcement of their latest home kit for the upcoming season. Partnering with Adidas, the Gunners are set to make a significant change by replacing the traditional club crest with the iconic cannon symbol, a move not seen in 35 years. This bold decision is seen as a nod to Arsenal’s rich history.

The cannon symbol, previously featured on other kits such as this season’s away jersey, will now take center stage on all three kits, including the upcoming away and third kits set to be released this summer. This change is temporary, intended for just one season, with Adidas highlighting it as a tribute to the club’s heritage. Despite the shift, the club crest remains a vital part of Arsenal’s identity and will continue to be prominently displayed, including on the artwork adorning the Emirates Stadium.

Sam Handy, Senior Vice President of Product and Design at Adidas, emphasized the significance of the cannon in Arsenal’s legacy, stating, “There is no more iconic symbol for Arsenal than the cannon.” He further explained that this season’s focus on the cannon aims to reintroduce it to a new generation of supporters and players.

Reflecting on the evolution of Arsenal’s crest, which has remained unchanged since 2002, one must look back to the 1989-90 season for the last instance of the cannon being featured on a home shirt. Its reappearance on recent kits, notably the third kit of the current season and the black away shirt from the previous season, has resonated well with the fan base, becoming popular choices among supporters.

Arsenal’s decision to adorn their new home kit with the iconic cannon symbol marks a significant departure from tradition while paying homage to the club’s illustrious history. With this move, the Gunners aim to capture the essence of their legacy and inspire both seasoned fans and newcomers alike as they embark on the next chapter of their footballing journey.