Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, embarked on a significant journey to Nigeria today 10th May, to advocate for mental health awareness. Arriving in the capital, Abuja, they were warmly received by a drum and dance ensemble representing the Igbo ethnic group. Their itinerary included a visit to the Lightway Academy, where they engaged with students and emphasized the importance of addressing mental health issues.

During their time at the school, Prince Harry delivered a poignant message to the students, encouraging open dialogue about mental health and the need to combat associated stigma. Meghan joined him on stage, further emphasizing their shared commitment to this cause. Their visit extended beyond educational initiatives, as they also met with Nigerian military leaders as part of the Invictus program, founded by Prince Harry to support wounded veterans through sports rehabilitation.

Reflecting on the impact of Prince Harry’s involvement with Invictus, the visit coincided with the 10th anniversary of the games, underscoring the program’s growth and global reach. Notably, the games have provided a platform for athletes like Peacemaker Azuegbulam, a Nigerian veteran who triumphed despite the challenges of combat injuries. Beyond Abuja, their journey would take them to Kaduna, where they would visit a military hospital and engage with troops wounded in the line of duty, highlighting the ongoing sacrifices made by Nigeria’s armed forces.

As Nigeria grapples with various security challenges, Prince Harry’s presence served to underscore the importance of supporting those affected by conflict, both physically and psychologically. His visit sparked hope for continued collaboration in addressing mental health issues on a global scale.

Through their advocacy and outreach efforts, Prince Harry and Meghan reaffirmed their commitment to making a positive impact in communities around the world.